Prize Redemption

Price: $8,250 NEW
The game play is very simple. The customer directs the claw over a chosen chocolate bar and drops the claw by pressing the button on top of the joystick. It is here the electronics take over, as the claw lowers and attempts to grab a chocolate bar (made easier by having rubber tips on the claws). Th..more
Price: $13,420 NEW
It combines a combination of the two popular games: Chocolate Factory and Win n Grin Plush cranes. With a new console that allows two people to play the games at the same time, it gives the benefit of having one cabinet in place of two cabinets, also giving the operator a smaller footprint as oppose..more
Price: $7,500 NEW
This little unit is a smaller crane with a smaller footprint, for locations that may have limited space where the standard crane will not suit. It is based on the successful Win n Grin Chocolate Factory, in that it has a pusher system at the side of the cabinet that pushes the product to the front a..more
Price: $3,500 USED
Features 1.Dual prize system. 2.Adjustable Bonus Spin wheel Prize dispensers. 3.Tempered safety glass. 4.Tamper resistant / coat hanger proof cabinet. 5.Metal console. 6.Coin box with lock. 7.Attractive sound system. 8.LED credit / time readout. Dimensions/Weight 100W x 85D x 200H ..more
Price: $2,750 USED
The Stacker Club is the same machine as the Stacker, but its graphics are geared to attract adults more than children. Stacker Club is the latest generation of new prize vending machines, in which players stacks horizontally moving blocks in order to win. Players aim to stack horizontally movi..more
Price: $4,950 USED
This Giant version of Stacker is about 3x the width of a standard model, and makes it an ideal attraction for any Shopping Mall, FEC, Cinema or Theme park - And this Giant of a cabinet can also take much bigger prizes as well ! Can be configured with up to 8 Major Prize Arms allowing for maximum p..more
Price: $5,950 NEW
If you're looking for the perfect prize redemption game with no strings attached, you've come to the wrong place. Barber Cut Lite may very well be that perfect game, but those strings are supposed to be there! The BarBerCut Lite game concept is simple : Players use the two control buttons to ..more
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