Daytona USA Twin

Price: $7,700

On Sale: $6,950

Condition: USED

Daytona USA Twin is a high-speed stock car racing
game allows you to choose from 4 dynamic viewpoints
on the fly to get a true racing perspective. Realistic stock car control allows drafting, controlled braking, 4-wheel drifts and e acceleration. This game will go down in the history books as a classic.

Few games have realized such a visceral thrill and emotional competitiveness to the extent that Daytona
USA has. The force-feedback steering in some models
has amazingly responsiveness and allows players to
feel the road and the bumps and impacts of other cars.
The stunning graphics suck the player right in, and even the smallest detail was paid considerable attention to.

The tracks in Daytona USA are based on real NASCAR
driving and courses. Cabinet colors on Daytona games
can vary. Comes with both Automatic and Manual Shifting and also with the optional overhead marquee